Why a French Bulldog

You might ask yourself if this breed of dog is for you or if a dog at all is the right pet for you and your family. Let me tell you why we love these dogs and what you can look forward to if you own one, the good and the bad.

First some general information on the breed.

Possible Health issues

  • Like any pure breed if you are not careful in your selection you can end up with some unwanted health conditions that can be expensive and painful for your dog. Some of the general health issues that can occur with the french bulldog are heart issues, hip problems, soft palate, eye problems, and specifically because of their short noses chronic respiratory problems.
  • Another problem with the French bulldog related to their short noses is that they do not regulate heat well. This breed is incredibly susceptible to temperature extremes including heat exhaustion and death. These dogs need to be kept indoors and allowed plenty of water during the summer months no matter where they are and in the winter because they don’t have a sufficient coat to keep them warm they again need to be kept indoors.
  • As far as reproduction goes they can have a hard time breeding because the female has narrow hips it doesn’t allow the male to sufficiently hold the female during breeding. Also due to fact of their small hips delivery can be very difficult for the female and the puppies. It is very common for females french bulldogs to deliver via Cesarean section or C-section in order to avoid loosing the mother or her puppies.
  • The french bulldog has a short straight coat that does shed. If you live in a four season environment like i do they can shed two times a year. Once in the spring to early summer getting ready for summer and once in the fall (typically when we turn on our furnace). We try to brush them with a rubber bristled brush a few times a week and it helps to keep the mess down. Not to mention they love the rub down and attention.
  • If you have any dog or cat allergies you will probably have allergies to their coats and dander so it might not be the best pet for you.

Don’t let the health issues scare you! I just wanted to inform you so you are aware of the issues that can be common to the french bulldog breed and most purebred dogs for that matter.

Again, alot of the above information is common to any if not all purebred lines (minus the overheating/snoring/chronic respiratory issues because of the short nasal cavaty). If you end up choosing a French Bulldog make sure the parents are healthy if they are available to view, then take the one you chose to the vet and have it looked over for any health issues. Most reputable breeders will have a grace period (usually 7 days) to have the dog vet inspected to help protect the breeder and you as the customer.

And now the reasons why


  • The French bulldog is an ideal house and family dog. They absolutely love people and children. I have yet to meet a french bulldog that wasn’t absolutely friendly and adorable. I have 3 children all under the age of 7 and my dogs have never even growled at any of them. My 4 year old is especially keen on picking up the dogs in the most awkward positions to carry them where she wants them to be and the dogs love the attention.
  • They are very even tempered. When i say that, they get excited when you are excited and relax when you are relaxing. When the door bell rings they might chime in as to see who is at the door but the excitement wears off and they are just happy to be there.
  • They require a medium-light amount of exercise. Since they don’t cool off well because of their short noses and smashed faces, they have a tendency to overheat. So too much exercise isn’t good for these dogs, but that doesn’t mean you can shirk your responsibility to take them on walks regularly. Even playing ball in the house or tug of war is especially fun with their rope.IMG_1649 IMG_1645
  • Don’t let their small stalky frame deceive you if you have infants or very young toddlers their same size. These dogs don’t know their own strength and when they jump up to lick the kids sometimes they inadvertently push them over and then they really take advantage of the opportunity and will start cleaning the kids faces off of any left over lunch or dinner. Big Smile Again my daughter thought it was a game and she would automatically lay down and begin laughing as soon as she saw the dogs come in the room. (They think it was great fun and it reinforced the behavior on all the neighbor kids so beware). Again it is all in the name of fun.
  • French Bulldogs can have a little of a stubborn streak and it may take some work for things like potty training, but as long as you are consistent with them they learn fast if reinforced well and consistently.
  • If you aren’t going to be home a lot i wouldn’t recommend this dog for you. They live for attention and affection. They live to be part of your family and when you are gone they can have anxiety and stress which can lead to behavior problems like chewing on things you don’t want them to or using the house for their own bathroom.
  • These dogs are heavy little lap dogs. I think they love watching movies and eating popcorn as much as I do. Of course you can train them not to be but they love couches and don’t be surprised if you think you have trained them not to get on them and you find warm sections when you come home (not accidents but where they were sleeping).
  • These dogs snort and snore and can sound like the someone is literally sawing logs in the room next door. It is just part of them. It isn’t all the time but is part of their presence.
  • They can be “gassy” and leave you wondering how something so little can make such a foul smell. Make sure they have a good diet. Cheap dog food can create a more “potent smelling” french bulldog than the higher end dog foods. You will find that having them on a good diet with the right dog food they eat less and don’t smell nearly as bad.

Overall the French bulldog has been a delightful part of our family and I hope this helps you to understand why and if you are in the market for a puppy or dog it also allows you to make a better decision on what fits your lifestyle and family.